Sunday, December 14, 2008

BBG Retreat

To the organizer, thank you Pei Fen for organizing the wonderful chalet and BBQ, despite your busy schedule and the many things that happened out of the ordinary, but yet, handled with good grace. Special thanks to the others who made this chalet possible, like Fadey who handled the co-organization with Janly.

It would not have been possible for the participation of all. Sorry for not being a good host ._.

And one more thing....

Grand Theft Trolley!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wished I was a cat..

Caption : Wished I was a Cat

Cats have no worries in this world, at least lesser worries then we humans have.
I just want to lead a day without worries. Is it that hard?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Musings

Caption : Now what?

Thoughts :
Time comes to a halt for this old man, and for the rest of the world that is still revolving, there is little he cares for anymore.

Caption : Simple Bliss

Thoughts :
Being the only colored shot from my entire weekend escape, it conveys the caption in however brief terms, what it meant to be loved, and be in love.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caption : un-Help?

Thoughts :
A man who has passed his prime, forgotten by society, by a system he used to believe in, and now, stuck in the turmoil of crisis after crisis. Old and deserted by the system, what can he do beside sit and while away his remaining time here?

: Where to ?

Thoughts :

In the light of the chaos within society, where can the lost regain their direction, pick up their bags and move on? Where can they find that light, and move towards it, ignoring the long shadows of a past that people failed to learn?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Canon Photo Marathon

18/10/2008 : Canon Photo Marathon.
Location: Suntec Convention Centre Rm 401

Fortunately for me and Zhongwei, the day began of relatively well. Skies were pretty clear and we were pretty much darn lucky not to get a rainy day for the Marathon itself.

The first assignment of the day was called Change.

ZW and ZK chionged to the studio to do what they thought of Change. One being of the EOS Cameras and the other, taking the word Change literally as the change in loose "change". We would later find out that a lot of the other contestants took pictures of money.

The winning shot was of a elderly lady holding a picture of her younger self and laughing at it done on a white backdrop, which IMO covered the theme in a singular word as Change can only occur with time, and to put the evidence together would provide a very strong statement to the theme.

The shot below was my submission to the assignment of Change.

Change, as I interpreted, was something that was planned, with a blueprint in mind, and people to carry out the task. Something that would leave the past behind. It was about breaking new grounds. Hence, the photo of people doing street repairs, with leaves in the foreground and some buildings in the background.

The other Black and White you see below one of my early considerations of the theme of Change.

We returned in good time back to the Convention Hall to submit our photos and chill for awhile. ZW and ZK's friend, Jingwei joined us for the later part of the day and for the rest of the competition.

i think i ought to have submitted the above shot for freedom(last assignment)

After introductions and delays, we moved off for our second assignment : Dreams.

Not getting clearance for the Marina Barrage was a small setback, and we decided to pack it up and head over to the Botanical Gardens.

The shot below was what I submitted for Dreams.

I think it was a rather good shot IMO, as I interpreted the theme in Literature terms, which was basically to find love. So =)

My 2nd choice of Dreams.

After submission, rested for some more time, and then, the LAST topic of the day. Freedom.

Went for dinner with parents, and took something in a vat near the restaurant. Maybe this ought to have been my Freedom. But I hecked it and moved on to Chinatown.

There was a altar there to commenerate one of the deties' birthday and the backstage was especially alluring so ...

This was one of my principal composed shots for freedom. I wanted to show the idea of inside and outside, freedom VS no freedom, hence I took a picture of the workers slogging it out in the construction zone while people carry on with their lives.

But in the end, I decided on this shot to be my Freedom.
To be free, the simplest form of Freedom, and symbol of it,
Was the infinite blue sky.

Didn't win anything for the Marathon, but it was a enriching experience that opened my eyes to the many creative ideas of photographers in Singapore.

On a sidenote, I personally feel that the Student's Catergory produced more innovative shots compared to the Open Category.


Saturday, April 12, 2008